Container service

One of our domains!

We quickly and safely provide good value for money for all desired containers for waste and garbage disposal - at your door or where ever you wish to have it.


Disposing without worrying.

We are the competent local service provider for waste disposal. On request we provide concepts to optimize your waste disposal and implement them for you. This way, the recyclables end up where they belong: in the recycling!

Purchase of recycling materials

Effective management of recycling materials contributes to the preservation of our planet´s natural resources.

We are constantly on the lookout for new recycling methods and reliable recycling partners.The bundling of the individual substance flows, optimized transports and economic marketing of the recovered materials complete the recycling chain.

Sale and delivery

Our recycling facilities are also modern trade centers, which in addition to the bulk materials (all grains) also sell gravel, sand, earth and ex–factory substrates, as well as provide them to construction sites free of charge.

Our range of products and services are geared to our customer´s demands and requirements. This way we comply with the demands in terms of quality, efficiency, flexibility and environmental compatibility.


For several years our company has made a name for itself in the field of demolition.

We work throughout Northern Germany, whether at factory buildings, residential buildings, silos or other buildings. Some of our employees can look back on more than 20 years of experience and are fully trained. We possess both modern demolition equipment, as well as the appropriate fleet for transportation of the demolition material. We offer an adequate solution for every demolition.

Cable recycling

Scrap/non–ferrous metals

The resulting quantities of cables are separated into individual fractions of aluminum, copper and plastic granules in a multi-stage recycling process. Scrap and non–ferrous metals are sorted and processed into charging size where required.

Screening & shredding

Screening & shredding in Northern Germany

With our large mobile devices, we shred green waste, wood, horse manure, beets and much more.

Our mobile screening plants are also at your disposal in all of Northern Germany. We screen compost, topsoil, gravel, wood chips, seaweed and slag. Take advantage of our flexibility and on site options. Whether it be screening or shredding, we will do it quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable price.


The Gollan Group has two class I landfills at its disposal in Ostholstein.

On the one hand, the Recycling Centre Süsel. On the other hand, the Recycling Centre Johannistal.

Slag and ash processing

Slag or ashes are residues from combustion processes – either from power plants (coal and lignite) or, for example, from blast furnaces and incinerators. Particularly important for environmental protection is the slag from waste incineration plants, which is processed and treated by Gollan.

Road & sidewalk cleaning

We provide year-round services in the area of road and sidewalk cleaning throughout Northern Germany. Basis of the service are the respective local statutes and the individual needs of our customers. Sweepers and suction sweepers are called into action.


Our plants were awarded the certificate of a “specialised company for waste management” pursuant to the German Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act.

Every plant wishing to be certified as a specialised company for waste management must prove to have specific technical knowledge, devices, equipment and reliability. Certified plants are regularly surveyed by technical experts from the industry.