Two people. One motto.

How Gollan has been making new approaches for over 60 years.

There are wedding presents that one will remember for the rest of one’s life. For example, a Unimog. When the entrepreneurial couple Hildegard and Gerhard Gollan ties the knot the same day their company is being founded, the extraordinary wedding gift is both the starting point and symbol for a success story that now for more than 60 years has been synonymous with energy, hard work and enterprising spirit. Just like the Unimog.

Time flies by.

And we keep pace.

Six decades later, the service supply agency run by 2 persons has developed into the Gollan group of companies. The group operates throughout North Germany in the fields of waste management, construction, workshops and real estate. Beusloe near Neustadt has remained the company’s registered office.

Today, the Gollan group of companies is a medium-sized, owner-managed business that is strongly shaped by its acting individuals. The concept behind it is our corporate culture based on long-term, controlled growth, and also our philosophy of proximity to the market.